Angels Unite

Angels Unite
Angels Unite

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day -2 Mile 0 + Miabelle spiked a fever

Miabelle is not feeling well.  Fever spiked at 102F, she is very tired and there is no indication what it is at this time.  Mama took her to the doctor and it seems she might have caught a virus.  They took again some urine and blood samples and we should have some results tomorrow.  Both mama and papa are nervous, it truly will never go away this over-concerned feeling that something little could be something big.  We will know more tomorrow.

In the meanwhile papa packed and is ready to go.  We are day -2 at mile 0 of the HLH ride for a cure organized by the Matthew and Andrew Akin Foundation ( of which all benefits go to the HLH Center of Excellence of the Cincinnati Childrens Hospital for research and family support.  If you care to sponsor go to the Akin page, select Bike Ride and then Donate to a Rider (select Gillier or any other rider)

Am I ready certainly not but I will rank this ride among one of my craziest decisions.  Cycling 700 miles in 7 days will be a challenge but next to what these HLH warriors under go it is a little effort to create a lot of awareness.

On a positive note, I lost 30 pounds since our lock down days in Cincy.  That is 30 pounds less I can to drag 700 miles.  Thank smurfness!

On the Akin foundation page you can sign up to receive daily updates of our tour.  Hope you will stay tuned.

Agenda for the coming 10 days:
Friday: Wake up 4am for 6.30 am flight from NY to Mississipi: my first time in this state, I cannot wait!
Saturday: Bike ride starts: flat - I expect 7 hours on the saddle.
Sunday: more biking: flat - I expect 8 hours on the saddle.
Monday: more more more: flat - I expect 9 hours on the saddle.
Tuesday: Hills - I expect 2 hours in an ambulance and 5 hours in the hospital.
Wednesday: turns, cycle for a good 7 hours and then fly with my fellow cyclists back and forth to NY to attend the Icla Da Silva Foundation Hope Gala for bone marrow.
Thursday: more cycling
Friday: Arrive, hopefully alive, at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio for the start of the HLH Global Conference.  Followed by a nice dinner in the Cincy Zoo.
Saturday: HLH Conference followed by the Red Tie Gala of the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati in benefit of housing for families of patients.
Sunday: Fly back to NY, and SLEEP for eternity and beyond.

Them papas on a mission are CRAZY!!!!!!!!!  But in this world some insanity keeps us sane.

HLH AWARENESS.  Spread the word, tell friends of our HLH ride for a cure.  Tell them to go to the Akin Foundation page to follow our journey.

Thank you and stay tuned!

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