Angels Unite

Angels Unite
Angels Unite

Monday, September 16, 2013

Icla Da Silva Foundation pays tribute to the Gillier Family

Kookoo! I am back.  In my first week of school I was taught how to write, et voila, here I am Editor in chief of the blog.

Yes indeed, papa's ego is not big enough and often requires mama and us todds to keep it in check, and now the Icla Da Silva Foundation decided to honor us at their Annual Gala on October 2nd for our dedication to people in need of a bone marrow transplant.  You can imagine where his ego went after that announcement.

My papa now sings in the shower of happiness, which is painful to all of us to hear.  We are slowly but surely all going deaf, by choice, as the result of it.  The man just cannot sing!!  So please next time honor mama, cause she has the voice of an angel.

For those who do not remember previous posts The Icla Da Silva Foundation was created by the Da Silva family in memory of their 13 year old daughter, Icla, who was diagnosed with Leukemia and regretfully passed because no matching donor was found.  Today their foundation is led by her brother, Airam Da Silva, and has become the largest recruiter of donors in the USA.  The Da Silva family has dedicated their lives to creating hope for the thousands of ill children like Icla and I.

I know them very well because my papa and mama always tell me about how hard Airam, his team and all of our family/friends helped looking for a donor for me.  Thanks to all these efforts myself and many others were saved.  Hopefully one day no child will die because no donor was found.  We all deserve a second chance to life and this foundation provides that hope and that much needed donor.

We hope that by receiving this great honor more awareness will be created as bone marrow matches are needed daily worldwide.

Please join us at the Gala on October 2nd at the Ritz-Carlton Downtown.  If you are interest you can  buy a ticket to attend by clicking on the below link (but do let my papa now so he can thank you):

The days and nights that papa and mama were up all night long praying, searching and hoping for a donor are over for us but regretfully there are many for which those sleepless nights and torturous days continue.  Join us in making a difference for those who need it the most.

Thank you all for your continuous support!!!!