Angels Unite

Angels Unite
Angels Unite

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 4 Miles 115 Total Miles 468: Dedicated to Aspen Franklin

Today we dedicate our ride to Aspen Franklin, a 19 month old girl in Seattle, who was recently diagnosed with HLH.  Not only does her mommy carry the baton for her little girl but her daddy is in the army on duty overseas.  We hope that her daddy can be recalled soon so that they can fight this horrible war destiny has served them with as a family.  Aspen stay strong like a soldier does.  You are an HLH warrior princess and we as HLH families leave nobody behind.  You are on our thoughts and we will cycle hard in the hope it will make a difference for you and your fellow warriors.  

To all HLH warriors see this little video where survivor Sean (Iron Man) let's you know what kept him going. Thank you Sean!

Courtesy of the Akin Foundation

Today came close to the most challenging day a cyclist can ever encounter.  Justin enjoyed it because the more challenging it gets the bigger his smile but the remaining two cyclists Dennis and Doug had less joy in the 5000 feet climbing.  Yes, you read correctly 5000 feet!!!!!!  The hills, which I would call mountains, were long and high draining energy quickly.  Both Dennis and Justin finished strong with Justin hitting an average speed of 18.1 mph( including mountains).  Seriously, he is unstoppable.  Dennis went strong and finished right after Justin.  Doug, the energizer bunny he is, kept his pace steady but strong.  And even with steep hills he kept cycling at the same rhythm as if the road was flat.

The road took us from Florence-Alabama to Nashville-Tennessee.  

Top speed attained: 52.5 mph by Justin, not for nothing we call him Bolt.  His bike was rather shaky at that speed.  As to Dennis hit a solid 52 mph with a bike that was rattling from the injuries on Day 2's bike pile up.  Really impressive to all three!!!!  

Once arrived Dennis went to a bike store in Nashville, Country Music capital of the world, and they informed him that the rattling was the result of his handlebars being loose.   Hold on!  Say that again!  Handle bar on a carbon bike was loose.  No good!!!!  So after the pile up accident Day 2, Dennis and Ann went to a bike store to get the bike repaired.  Well I guess they didn't do a good job and it could have cost Dennis his head.  The danger of a loose handle bar on a carbon bike is that it can and eventually will break.  Now imagine flying down the mountain at 52 mph and ... ooops... sorry, handle bar breaks.  Needless to say, the picture would have been very ugly.  So I guess someone was looking after our Speedy Gonzalez to make certain he survived the up and down hills.  Good to still have you around for another few days Dennis!!!  Bike is now repaired properly.

They finished the natchez parkway, which is truly impressive!

Sean and I, both with injuries, had retired from the ride for the morning but when reality was presented with steep hills it was recommendable to avoid further injuries.  No worries after popping painkillers like candy and icing the injuries until the skin was raw, we will try tomorrow again and hopefully the knees and achilles will hold.

Tomorrow only 70 miles of winding roads starting at 6am till 2pm, then 8 of us fly off to NY at 3pm as Achilles (Olivier) is honoree at the Hope Gala of the Icla Da Silva Foundation.  It is thus key I do not add to more injuries.  Yes these 10 days we focus on awareness in an effort to help other people.  

But before I go, during bed time Miabelle asked Mama "Mama where is papa?" to which Noelie answered "Papa is riding to get money so no more kids get sick".  I am so proud of my girls and hope that you will donate so no more kids get sick.

Please support our efforts and donate:

Sleepy sleep,

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