Angels Unite

Angels Unite
Angels Unite

Friday, September 27, 2013

Day -1 Mile 0: Here we are in Mississippi

First the important news.  Miabelle woke up full energy and thus went back to school but by the afternoon things changed and fevers were back at 101.  Although she was energetic, fevers are just not a good thing.  The urine sample results were in and regretfully there is no sign of a viral infection which is what the pediatrician expected.  So we are in day 2 of fevers with no indication of what it may be.  Annoying and concerning us.  We will see in the coming days.  She is a strong cookie.

As to my crazy decision to cycle 700 miles with a team of as crazy peeps as me, left NY this morning at 6.30 am, connected through Charlotte and landed in Jackson MS at 11am.  Easy and comfortable flight.
Once arrived Dennis (HLH papa and fellow crazy cyclist) and I went to pick up my bike at the bike store and we went to get some provisions for the ride.  Then we were rather bored and made the not so intelligent decision to have lunch and a few drinks...yes we are true athletes loading up on carbs for the next day...then again I think a steak at Ruth Chris may have been too many carbs.  We just needed to get our nerves under control and what better than some unhealthy food.

In the early evening the rest of the crew arrived and we had a little motivational meeting and gave us our shirts.

There is nothing better than cycling for a cause, but I am not certain I lost enough weight to fit in these tight shirts and pants.  If I had known that I was going to be a man in tights, shave my legs (not going to happen) and put on the Chamois Butter (gross; look it up but gross), I might have reconsidered this crazy decision to cycle for HLH Awareness.

In addition, although leader Justin gave us maps to follow, I can predict that CNN will announce soon that a Belgian cyclist got lost in the jungles of Mississippi and this time I thing that I will not be the only one cause half of us bought GPS systems but have no clew how to use it.  I never said we were geniuses, I only said we were wannabee athletes.

Tomorrow we wake up at 5 and depart at 5.30am, and here I thought I was getting a week off.

Sleepy sleep,

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